Are Online Video Slots Predetermined?

Online video slots are by a high margin the most commonly played casino game. The popularity of the game is linked to its simplicity as well as the excitement it offers. Despite this, you may wonder if the game is predetermined. This article will discuss how the outcomes of slots are generated and how to improve your winning chances. Go to for the best online casino to join.

Before we talk about how the outcomes of video slots are generated, let's discuss how the game is played. To play an online slot, you first need to place your bets by setting the coin value and bet level. After that, click on the spin button to rotate the reels of the game. You can free version of the video slot to learn how the game works.


RNG in Video Slots

Random Number Generator (RNG) is an algorithm in virtual casino games used to randomize outcomes. The algorithm works by generating random numbers that are totally independent of each other. These random numbers are implemented with other sophisticated codes to generate the outcome of the game. Thus, it is impossible for a player to know what spin will be a winning spin in a video slot.

Can RNG Be Hacked?

Hacking the RNG of a video slot is close to impossible. This is because the developer of the games uses different top-notch technologies to protect the RNG. Apart from that, online casinos that feature video slots also protect their site with SSL and firewalls. For you to successfully hack the RNG of an online video slot, you will need access to the source code of the game.

Choosing the Best Video Slot

There are numerous video slots available that you can play on your desktop and mobile devices. But before you choose just about any of these slots, it is essential that you consider their Return to Player (RTP) percentage as well as volatility. The RTP is a percentage of the total bet which the game will give back as winnings eventually. Always go for a higher RTP slot.

Play At The Best Online Casinos

While it is true that the outcomes of video slots are randomised and determined by the RNG, to enjoy the best experience playing them, it is vital that you choose a top casino. Make sure your online slot casino is licensed and offers awesome bonuses to help you win more money. Besides that, check the payment methods supported and the quality of the customer service provided.